Automobilista 2 – Update V1.0.1.1 Deployed

Automobilista 2 - Update V1.0.1.1 Deployed


Automobilista 2 – Update V1.0.1.1 Deployed

Reiza Studios is working weekends. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s major update release they now released a complimentary patch (v1.0.1.1) for Automobilista 2, including some more fixes and tweaks. Restart your Steam client to receive the update.

The Automobilista 2 release version is currently available via Steam for €36,99, while the Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is available for €114,28.


Update V1.0.1.1

  • Adjusted row highlighting on session Load/Save screen to make the active column more obvious.
  • Enabled keyboard Tab key navigation for setup Save/Load page columns.
  • Updated the “Ready” icon in the lobby.
  • Fixed an incorrect icon shown on the dedicated servers in the multiplayer browser.
  • Fixed ultrawide alignment issues on the vehicle class dialog screen.
  • Minor general AI dry performance calibration pass.
  • Updated track limit system logic to help avoid some penalties when avoiding accidents.
  • Reduced amount & time of lifting throttle required to pay track limit penalty.
  • Interlagos Historic: Fixed AI hitting garage door post on exit; updated performance; Set the Maximum AI participants to 31; Fixed AI hitting garage door post on exit.
  • Hockenheim: Minor art pass to all versions; added screen gantry/pit pole; updated render road mesh to match physical; remove static crash fences from 1977 version; updated Historical & National cameras.
  • Camaro SS: Added wiper & windshield cleaning animations.
  • Formula V10 Gen2 – 2 skins Hitwin FR Team.
  • Adjusted onboard cams for ARC Camaro, F-Retros, F-Vintages, Trucks, Opalas, SprintRace, Puma P052, Stock Cars, Super V8.
  • Fusca (all variants): Adjusted cockpit POV.


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