Automobilista 2 V1.0.5.5 & Nurburgring Pack Released

Automobilista 2 V1.0.5.5 & Nurburgring Pack Released

Automobilista 2 Nordschleife

Automobilista 2 V1.0.5.5 & Nurburgring Pack Released

Two weeks ago, Reiza Studios released the Nurburgring DLC for its Automobilista 2 racing title. However, the jewel in the crown, being the Nordschleife, and 24h layouts were not quite ready for release. Reiza Studios did temporarily offer the other modern Nurburgring layouts for free to all users until the Nordschleife layouts will be added to the package.

Now Reiza Studios has officially released the full Nurburgring DLC Pack for Automobilista 2, adding the Nurburgring Nordschleife, and introducing more AI behavior adjustments & extensive physics revisions for GT, Stock Car & Prototype series.

This pack currently includes the Nurburgring GP layout, and the variant with the faster Veedol chicane as well as the Sprint layout. It also features the Nordschleife, or “North Loop” – the famous 20.8km “Green Hell” through the Eifel Forest.

Important: The latest physics modifications to GT3 / GT4 cars require a setup reset to default in setup UI to take effect – no need to delete all your settings, just go into the setup screen and click “Reset to Default” when choosing any of the new GT3 / GT4 cars added in v1.0.5.0 (other cars haven´t had setup range changes so shouldn’t need a reset). Also, as previously announced, with the release of the Nurburgring DLC Pack, the Nurburgring layouts included in the previous update are now only available for owners of the DLC or the packages that include it.

The Nurburgring DLC Pack for Automobilista 2 is available via Steam for €8,99.

Note: Reiza Studios confirmed that the next game update will be released towards the end of the month and will add layouts combining variants of the modern track with the Nordschleife. A historical version of the track is also planned to be released next year, with no additional cost for owners of the Nurburgring DLC Pack.

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for €36,99). The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is available for €114.28.

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V1.0.5.5 Changelog


  • Added Nurburgring Nordschleife layout *Part of the Nurburgring DLC Pack (Steam Store Page for standalone DLC should be available soon)


  • Fixed reverse grid in Championship mode


  • Added Vehicle Selection filters
  • Fixed track image anchors on lobby details page
  • Fixed ‘Left Monitor Bezel Width Right’ input
  • Added Credits screen to UI
  • Fixed various missing / incorrect filters for cars & tracks

Physics & FFB

  • Fixed coordinate conversion when reading SETA contact patch offset
  • Fixed curbs pulling inverse way on cars where steering arms are “behind” steering axis.
  • Fixed minor road noise confribution being partially unequally handled on front right wheel
  • Fixed issues with Mini FFB using new profile
  • Adjusted tire treads for additional longitudinal slip in GT / Stock Car / Prototype tires & adjusted load damping to minimise hysteresis
  • Adjusted tire treads for adittional longitudinal slip in rain race tires
  • Corrected front tire tread width in GT / Prototypes (305mm / 315mm)
  • Adjusted default diff settings & roll bar values for Porsches
  • Revised low rev band torque curves & suspension rates for GT cars
  • Adjusted Porsche Cayman suspension travel & helper spring deflection length
  • Fixed error in main driveline syntax (potentially improves rear differential functionality)
  • Corrected Porsche Cup engine power figures to latest specifications; adjusted FFB Max force & CoG height
  • Reduced engine inertia in GT3/GT4 cars
  • Slightly increased engine inertia for Group A cars
  • Reduced engine inertia & spring rate range for Metalmoro MRX (all variants)
  • Various weight and engine power adjustments for better BoP accross GT3 / GT4 classes
  • Further revised suspension rates on all GT3 / GT4 cars
  • Fixed Mercedes AMG GT3 camber range for front wheels
  • Minor adjustment to StockCar 2020 CoG height & aero
  • Copa Fusca FFB Max force and raised stactic ride height by 1cm
  • Reduced F-Reiza FFB max force


  • Further improvements to AI Lateral player avoidance and line selection when side-by-side with players
  • Improved AI player avoidance in situations where more than one player is present (MP)
  • AI callibration pass for GT / Stock / Prototypes
  • Adjusted AI lateral movement smoothing values to minimise aggressive weaving in some types of cars
  • Reduced aggression scalars for tintop series


  • Porsche GT3-R: Set tranny whine to cutoff sound in neutral; fixed missing onboard sound for AI cars and in replays
  • Fixed McLaren 570S GT4 missing sound in Chase view.
  • Increased bottoming sound effect for GT3s & GT4s


  • Velo Citta: Rebuilt pitlane triggers & adjusted far corridors in pit lane at U-turn (remove corridor over lap, possible source for pit lane DQ issue) calibrated some brake marker spacing/distance (dynamic/static road line markings); Minor performance pass
  • Imola: added DRS zones triggers as per latest GP configuration
  • Added drone animations to Velocittá, Velopark, VIR
  • Fixed rain blockers at VIR
  • Adjusted Nurburgring GP TV cameras


  • McLaren 720S GT3: added five new liveries; fixed collision mesh bug; Added cockpit vibrations, dirt / damage effects + dangling damaged parts
  • Mclaren 570S GT4: Added dirt / damage effects, dangling damaged parts + new colliders + carbon material fix + carbon material UV mapping fix + mesh changes (Rear bumper/lights); Adjusted cockpit POV so it doesnt clip driver model
  • Camaro GT4R – Corrected small side window material
  • Fixed Porsche Cup 4.0 rear tire dimensions
  • Added damage, dangling parts & dirt map for Fusca (all variants)


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