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Automobilista Early Access build Version 0.9.36 Released

Automobilista Build 0.9.3

Automobilista  Automobilista

Automobilista Early Access build Version 0.9.36 Released

Reiza Studios has released Early Access Hotfix v0.9.35 and v0.9.36 for their popular Automobilista racing simulator.

Updates V0.9.35 and V0.9.36 both contain a batch of fixes and improvements addressing some issues that were introduced with the V0.9.3 release.

The Automobilista racing simulator Early Access version is available on the dedicated Steam page for 32,99€.


Changelog Hotfix v0.9.35:

  • Fixed bug which caused AI cars to appear “sinking” in a saved replay (may compromise older replays)
  • DynHUD: Hopefully fixed instabilities in displayed lap times; Vehicle number from VehicleInfo is now handled as a String; Fixed FastestLapWidget visibility in non race sessions
  • Corrected bug with auto-blip not being effective with sequential boxes
  • Added remaining modified skins for F-Retro, F-Classic, F-V12
  • Adjusted flat spot textures to be darker (more visible)
  • Tweaked AI behavior to be a bit less aggressive in close racing conditions
  • VIR: Moved trash cans back in Pit Area, included updated road texture
  • F-Reiza: Fixed bug with soft tire not producing flat spots
  • F-Extreme: Adjusted default setup
  • Boxer Cup: Added team names; adjusted wheel rates, aero & tire wear
  • StockV8: Corrected minor error with rear left damper
  • F3: Revised tires, adjusted aero draft effects
  • MR18: Fixed error with aero balance in draft
  • Kart 125cc: Fixed RPM clipping above 10k revs
  • Kart Rental: Fixed bug with tires not picking up dirt

EDIT: We´ve verified a bug with floating opponent cars in multiplayer so we´ve just committed another small update to address it. They may still appear floating in saved replays from multiplayer sessions, this will be fixed in the next update.

Changelog Hotfix v0.9.36 changelog:

  • Fixed bug causing opponent cars to appear “floating” in multiplayer
  • Fixed Boxer Cup championship mode to load the correct series
  • DynHUD: Fixed multiview support for MapWidget
  • Slightly tweaked AI performance for F-Extreme, F-3 & Boxer Cup


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