Bsimracing Back After A Serious Medical Issue

Dear Bsimracing visitors,

While checking my messages, it became clear that many of you had noticed I have been absent for the last week. Therefore, let me take a moment to inform you about a recent personal journey that had impacted my ability to provide you with regular updates on the Bsim website.

A week ago, I encountered a serious heart-related medical issue and ended up in the emergency department of the hospital, where they told me I suffered a cardiac arrest.

However, I am delighted to share that the healthcare professionals In Belgium’s Leuven Gasthuisberg Hospital have done an amazing job getting my motor running again. I am now the owner of a stent in my coronary artery.

But let me now focus on the positive news, both physically and emotionally. I am back home and am feeling ok. With the loving care of my family and friends and with the necessary medication, I am now able to once more enjoy life, and with it resume my passions such as writing articles for my humble website.

Thank you for being a part of this community, and I hope to welcome you all back as regular Bsimracing visitors.

Warm regards,


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