Commentator’s Corner – Laurence Dusoswa Interview

While back in the day, Sim Racing websites where the driving force behind the sim communities arround the world, it is safe to say that these days, Video content creatores have taken over that role for a big part.

These days you have the choice between thousands of YouTube and Twitch channels covering just about every aspect of the Sim Racing scene. Tutorials, trailers, reviews, race reports and more. There is something out there for everyone. Quality wise, the content ranges from absolutely brilliant to absolutly useless. Be aware that whhile most channels are spreading a positive vibe, a small minority can also be outright toxic.

In the end of the day, we all have our favourites. While I like many of them, it is not a secret that yours truly is a big fan of two of them. I do love the “not to serious, yet seriously entertaining” Brittish style of GamerMuscle, and the down to earth reviews of Irishman Laurence Dusoswa.

Recently, Alex Goldschmidt who is a known freelance content provider and Motorsport / Sim Racing commentator interviewed Laurence taklking about how he approaches content ideas, how he contacts supliers, and how he build his channel creating a community of people including the famous Potato Nation.

Check it out…

Official Webpage – Laurence Dusoswa