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Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] posted info regarding the shipment of their Tach stand orders. Tach stands will start shipping today and continue throughout the week. Read More

Niels Heusinkveld is know as the physics creator of many mods out there and lately know as Reiza Studios head Physics developer, but being an engineer, Niels is introducing his own set set of pedals. Read More

Sim Racing Review Doug Meyer continues his Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedal review. Read More
ARC Team revealed the first pictures of the new Carbon Pedal set. They will be officialy be presented at the Birmingham Autosport Show that will be open from 10 al 13 January 2013. Read More
We all now the Radicals are not really narrow minded when talking Sim Racing. When recording video however ... Rob Cuss and Blake Townsend recorded a little inhouse Radicals video testing the customised T500RS Wheel. Its a review Jim... but not as we know it... Read More
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] revealed more preview pictures of the soon to be released add-on Dashboard for the Fanatec Club Sport Wheel base. please note that this prototype might have slight adjustments applied before becoming a production version. Read More
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] revealed new preview pictures of a soon to be released and not yet named Tacho Meter Addon. A simple yet attractive, complete USB tachometer. Fully assembled, plug n play unit. It is rumoured that this tacho might also appear as a addon fot the Cockpit revealed a while ago. Read More
A short video of the Evotek SYM 026 at the Ferrari museum. EVOTEK SYM 026 is a professional dynamic platform installed on three rotation axes expressly designed for the driving simulation on the current F1 cars. Read More
This is the first of  a videos series  that documents the building of a three-projector sim-racing cockpit. Tod begins with a look at CAD models he created of the projectors and their projected images, and show how he will be using it  to design the rest of the screen frame, projector mounts, and the cockpit itself.  Read More
Final part of input lag testing of NEC NP-V260X DLP projector. Here Tod clones iRacing.com to a Hanns-G HG281D monitor, a TN (twisted nematic) display known to have low input lag and fast response making it a great choice for gaming. Read More
The Fanatec CSL Seat delivers full adjustabity, maximum cofort and a genious compact and lightweight hence super rigid design. Only available at www.Fanatec.com. Read More
Driving Italia visited ARC_Team and created a small video of the all new ARC_Team Carbon Sequential Gear shifter. Read More