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Grand Turismo 6 presents their first look at the new Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3. Read More

Inside Sim Racing Forza Motorsport 5
A few days ago Darin and Shaun of Inside Sim Racing where on the hunt for a Xbox One. Their main reason for doing so was the release of the fifth instalment of the famous Forza Motorsport Series. Have a look at their first hour with the new Turn10 title. Read More

Inside Sim Racing
Inside Sim Racing talks about the launch of the Xbox One and Forza Motorsports 5. They also talk about the Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel and some of the tricks that you will need to know when plugging it into the Xbox One. Another big news item is the first content patch to Assetto Corsa including new cars and tracks. Read More
SimXperience Accuforce wheel
Inside Sim Racing had a busy week it seems. having received the new Thrustmaster TX wheel, they also had a look at the high end wheel that is being developed by Motion rig developer SimXperience.Read More
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel
Inside Sim Racing received their new Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Edition, and recorded the unboxing of the product.Read More
Inside Sim Racing November 18 2013
Inside Sim Racing uploaded a new episode of their weekly look at the news. They start things off with a quest for a Xbox One to get ready for Forza Motorsport 5, because in the near future they will review the new Thrustmaster TX 458 Racing wheel and have a look at Forza Motorsport 5. Read More
Derek Speare
Inside Sim Racing´s Darin and Shaun review the Derek Speare Short Throw Pro Sequential shifter. Read More
This week in Sim Racing November 2013
Inside Sim Racing hosts another episode of This Week Inside Sim Racing for the week of November 9th. Read More
Inside Sim Racing
Inside Sim Racing reviews the Total Spanish Simulator Logitech G27 Brake Mod. There are many brake mods out there, ranging from simple rubber enhancers up and to fully adjustable hydraulic units. Shaun and Darin look into the TSS Brake Mod.Read More
SimXperiance Stage 5
The Inside Sim Racing crew traveled to Canton, Ohio to visit the SimXperience headquarters. SimXperience is the creator of a full motion simulator that goes by the name of the Stage 5. This sim is regarded as one of the most professional setups on the retail market. Read More
Inside Sim Racing October
Inside Sim Racing presents this Month Inside Sim Racing. The October 2013 Edition. Read More
Playseat Challenge had a go testing the Playseat Challenge, and have a look at the pro and Con side of the rig.Read More