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RSeat RS1 Chassis Review (Inside Sim Racing)

RSeat RS1 racing rig

Inside Sim Racing RSeat RS1 Sim Racing Chassis Review

After having made a video about the RSeat F1 and Evo chassis, Darin Gangi of Inside Sim Racing takes a look at the latest RSeat RS1 racing rig. Darin explains that the rSeat RS1 is very solid and stable, and comes with a very comfortable seat. The product is delivered with all necessary tools and screws to fit your wheel and pedals and is pre-drilled for Thrustmaster, Fanatec and Logitech products. After showing you around the rig, Darin explains the Pros and Cons of the RSeat RS1.

You can find more info about the rig at

The RSeat RS1 chassis without a racing seat will cost $849 / € 548.00. Together with a Racing seat, seat sliders and a shifter mount the unit will cast you $999.00 / € 631.10. The unit can be purchased in a selection of White/Red/Black colour combinations.

There is a selection of optional extensions available:

  • Buttkicker Mount, – $129
  • Tablet/Buttonbox mount – $129
  • Keyboard and Mouse tray, – $179
  • Speakers Mount (Logitech® Z906 Support) – $119
  • Clubsport Shifter and Hotas Warthog Upgrade Kit – $149
  • Full motion Dbox System with  3 Actuators – $11,699 and the 4 actuator system goes for $14, 699
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