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Carlsson SLK340
Sector 3 released the Hil Climb pack for RaceRoom Racing Experience. This pack features the Carlsson SLK 340 Judd Hill Climb racer and the RR Hillclimb track.Read More

R3E 2013 WTCC pack
RaceRoom Racing Experience by Sector 3 has received its latest update.Furthermore, the World Touring Car Championship pack for R3E is now available for purchase.Read More

R3E SimXperience
Sector 3 staff member Georg Ortner aka 6e66o takes the upcoming R3E WTCC pack for a drive in his SimXperience Motion Simulator.Read More
R3E WTCC Time of day
Today Sector 3 posted an October Update Teaser video showing us the upcoming R3E WTCC cars posing at different times of day.Read More
R3E Automatic Wheel Range
Sector3 announced that the next Release of RaceRoom Racing Experience will include a new feature that will automatically set a realistic value for Wheel Range & Steering lock on all cars.Read More
R3E WTCC Single Player
Sector3's  Georg Ortner AKA 6e66o posted a video that shows us an R3E WTCC 2013 Single Player race at the Italian Monza track.Read More
R3E Time of Day
Sector 3 announced that with the next update of RaceRoom Racing Experience users will be able to select different Times Of Day for each circuit.Read More
R3E WTCC Honda Civic
The last few days, Sector 3 have showed us preview shots of the cars that will be part of the FIA WTCC 2013 Line up for R3E. Today they are showing us the WTCC Honda Civic.Read More
R3E 2013 FIA WTCC LADA Granta
Sector 3 keeps on pumping out preview screenshots of their 2013 FIA WTCC pack for RaceRoom Racing Experience. Today they are showcasing the 2013 FIA WTCC Lada Granta 1,6TRead More
Chevrolet Cruze WTCC
After showing us screens of the BMW 320 TC and the Seat Leon Cupra, Sector 3 Studios posted a set of screenshots of the Chevrolet WTCC.Read More
R3E SEAT Leon Cupra
Today Sector3 Studios posted some previews of the next car in their FIA WTCC 2013 Line up for the RaceRoom Racing Experience Simulator. The SEAT León Cupra.Read More
Sector 3 Studios will soon release the FIA WTCC 2013 Pack for the RaceRoom Racing Experience Simulator. To warm us up, Sector 3 posted a set of preview screens of the BMW E90 320 TC.Read More