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Codemasters F1 2017 Trailer – The Classics Return

Codemasters F1 2017 Trailer – The Classics Return

Codemasters are working hard on the newest iteration of the official video game of the FIA Formula One World Championship. In their own words, F1 2017 is the most complete and thrilling F1 videogame ever.

F1 2017 will feature all the rules, cars, teams, and drivers of the Formula One World Championship but will also let you drive some of the most iconic historic cars ever raced in Formula 1, such as the McLaren MP4/4, the Williams FW14B and the Ferrari F2002. In total, 11 historic F1 cars will make their way into the game. The full list of the included classic F1’s will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, the game will feature an enhanced career mode, numerous multiplayer improvements, a brand new ‘Championships’ game modes.The included classic cars will be available to play in several modes, including online multiplayer and time trials.

To get us all excited, Codemasters have now released a new trailer showing us a glimpse of some of the classic cars in the game.

F1 2017 will be available on 25 August 2017 onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via both DVD and Steam. Codemasters also confirmed that there will be an optional Special Edition release, but did not yet reveal any details regarding its content.

“After an extremely successful year with the highly acclaimed F1 2016, we are delighted to be announcing F1 2017 and re-introducing classic F1 cars back to the series,” said Paul Jeal, Game Director at Codemasters.


“Classics were incredibly well received when we included them in F1 2013, and in F1 2017 they are back and better than ever. With so many great cars to choose from, it was hard to decide on the final twelve, but we are delighted with our selection of some of the most successful and iconic fan favourites from the past 30 years.”


Lee Mather, Creative Director at Codemasters, added: “For the first time ever F1 2017 fully integrates the classic experience into the main career mode – as part of your career you will be invited to race in modern day, invitational events in the different classic F1 cars throughout the season.


“We’re also adding to the variety in F1 2017 with the inclusion of four alternative circuit layouts, as well as numerous new gameplay types. The classic cars will also be available to play in a range of other game modes, including online multiplayer modes and time trial.”

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