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F1 2017 – Update Patch 1.10 Released

F1 2017 - Update Patch 1.10 Available

F1 2017 – Update Patch 1.10 Released

Codemasters have deployed update patch V1.10 for the PC and PlayStation 4 version of their official F1 2017 Formula One World Championship game. The Xbox One version of the update will become available at a yet to be confirmed date.

While the previous v1.9 update brought us a varied selection of new features, this new patch mainly contains bug fixes and some minor improvements.

V1.10 Changelog:

  • Safety Car – Fixed the falling too far back system so it will no longer give penalties incorrectly.
  • Safety Car – Lapped cars will no longer be able to overtake cars that have lapped them.
  • Fixed a bug that meant players could be disqualified when someone behind them did a jump start and drove through them while ghosted.
  • Increased the terminal damage threshold from ~7m/s to 15m/s. (The terminal damage threshold is the speed below which you cannot terminally damage your car).
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue on the RayBan sponsor on the Ferrari.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the delta to stop working during a virtual safety car period.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause cars to become desynchronized during multiplayer sessions.
    A red “disconnected” cross icon is now displayed next to the name of any player who has not sent network information recently to warn you that there is a connectivity issue.

F1 2017 the game features all the rules, cars, teams, and drivers of the Formula One World Championship and lets you drive some of the most iconic historic cars ever raced in Formula 1. The game features an enhanced career mode, numerous multiplayer improvements, a brand new ‘Championships’ game modes and much more.The included classic cars are available to play in several modes, including online multiplayer and time trials.

F1 2017 was released on 25 August 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via both DVD and Steam.

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