DIRT 5 – Free upgrade system Explained

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DIRT 5 – Free upgrade system Explained

Codemasters will release the DIRT 5 racing title for the PC and for the current-gen consoles on November 6. The next-gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release dates have yet to be announced.

However, DIRT 5 supports a Free upgrade system for next-gen consoles. This means that those who have purchased the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will get the next-gen Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 optimized version, free of charge. Here is what You Need to Know.


Dirt 5 Free upgrade system

Dirt 5 marks the debut of Codemasters titles on next-gen gaming platforms, and we are massively excited for players to experience the start of a new chapter of racing games on both Xbox and PlayStation.
With that in mind, DIRT 5 offers console players a free upgrade option, meaning if you purchase the game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you can play an optimized version of DIRT 5 for the corresponding new consoles, at no additional cost. With the recent reveal of digital-only next-gen hardware, this opens up understandable questions about how the upgrade offer works with different versions of DIRT 5.

So, below, we have laid out all the key information you need to know about DIRT 5’s free upgrade option across Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Let’s go:


Can I get the free next-gen upgrade for DIRT 5, regardless of which version of the game I buy?

Owning an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 with a disc drive will mean that you can redeem your free next-gen upgrade, whether you purchase DIRT 5 physically or digitally for current-gen consoles. If you purchased the game digitally, your new console will automatically receive this information and make the next-gen version available to you. If you purchased DIRT 5 on disc, insert the disc and follow the platform’s instructions to get the optimized version.

If you are planning to purchase an all-digital next-gen console (Xbox Series S or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition), you will need to buy DIRT 5 digitally, not physically, to redeem your free upgrade on those new consoles. Physical discs cannot currently be used to upgrade to disc-less consoles. There is no trade-in option available between physical and digital editions of the game.

The offer is available to players regardless of if you’ve purchased the Standard Edition or Amplified Edition of the game. The offer does not apply across platforms, so you cannot redeem the upgrade if you move from PS4 to Xbox Series X or vice versa. Free versions of DIRT 5 on next-gen consoles are not available to players who’ve purchased only on PC or Google Stadia, the latter launching in early 2021.


Can I redeem my free upgrade for DIRT 5 whenever I want?

We can confirm that there is no set cut-off date for this offer. If you are eligible to redeem the next-gen optimized version following the criteria, you can do so on the launch day, or after launch, whenever works best for you.


What changes or improvements come with the next-gen editions of DIRT 5?

Just like the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia versions, DIRT 5 on next-gen consoles is designed to make the best possible use of the hardware. Across both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, DIRT 5 will include an option to run the game at 120 frames per second and feature greater graphical fidelity, thanks to the new technology. Console-specific features will also be utilized, such as the new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the PS5 DualSense controller. More details on these features will be released as further information on next-gen consoles rolls out in the coming weeks.

Console versions of DIRT 5 are cross-generational for online play. This means that if you’re playing on PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to matchmake with PlayStation 4 players in online action, discover and race on their Playgrounds creations, and vice versa. The same applies to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.


The PC version of DIRT 5 is on pre-sale via Steam for €54,99. The DIRT 5 Amplified Edition on pre-order for €74,99. DIRT 5 will become available on November 6 for the PC and for the current-gen consoles. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release dates have yet to be announced.


  Official Webpage – www.dirtgame.com/dirt5
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