DIRT 5 – Official Playgrounds Trailer | Arena Creator Mode

DIRT 5 – Official Playgrounds Trailer | Arena Creator Mode

Codemasters published a new video trailer promoting the content and game modes that will be part of the upcoming DIRT 5 racing title.

When the fun is more important than realism… When your creativity wants to become part of the game… Then check out Dirt 5’s all-new Playgrounds mode.

In this latest, work-in-progress DIRT 5 gameplay video, we can have a look at the Playgrounds mode, which lets the player create unique custom gymkhana arenas, to bespoke time trial races, to thrilling treasure hunt events. You will be able to use a huge suite of objects, ranging from drift zones and jumps to rings of fire and loop-de-loops.

Users are able to browse a database of player-generated designs to constantly find new racing experiences, with featured areas regularly updated to showcase the very best community creations.

The Playgrounds mode is included in all versions of DIRT 5, and the published creations of players on current-gen consoles will be carried over when you switch to next-gen consoles.


Every Playground you create or download to race on will be centred around one of three event types. There’s Smash Attack, where racers are challenged to find and collect objects in the quickest time possible, avoiding the dreaded penalty objects; Gate Crasher is a time-attack style event, with checkpoints to race through as quickly as you can; and Gymkhana allows everyone to design their own arenas full of jumps, donut markers, drift gates and more, scoring points for speed, style and flow.


Each event is a very different experience, so test out a few of each in our database of Playgrounds to find out which your favourite is. When creating a Playground, in the pause menu is where you’ll find the option to change your event type – and doing so will make the relevant objects available to place. So, make sure you’ve chosen a Gymkhana event if you want to place those drift markers, speed gates and 360 spots!


The PC version of DIRT 5 is on pre-sale via Steam for €54,99. The DIRT 5 Amplified Edition on pre-order for €74,99. DIRT 5 will become available on the 16th of October for the PC and for the current-gen consoles. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release dates have yet to be announced.

DIRT 5 supports a Free upgrade system for next-gen consoles. This means that those who have purchased the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will get the next-gen Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 optimized version, free of charge.

  Official Webpage – www.dirtgame.com/dirt5