Dirt 5 – Update V2.00 & Free Snow Limits Content Pack Available

To Celebrate the festive period, Codemasters have released the Snow Limits pack for DIRT 5 free of cost to all players on Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The pack includes a number of new objects to use in DIRT 5’s Playgrounds mode, and a fully featured winter wonderland with a brand new race event and some fresh customisation options for your profile and liveries.

Furthermore, Codemasters deployed Update v2.00, which includes the addition of wheel support and some key community-requested changes.

Check out the full changelog below.

The PC version of DIRT 5 is available via Steam for €54,99. The DIRT 5 Amplified Edition is available for €74,99.

New Playgrounds Items and Snow

New items will be available for all players to use in each of the three Playgrounds event types. Massive ice loops, checkpoints made from yuletide wreaths and start/finish gates made of gingerbread will guide your way in Gate Crasher. Over in Smash Attack, giant baubles can be placed for cars to destroy. As for Gymkhana events, expect ice rinks for spin zones, Nutcracker figurines to pull donuts around, ice sculptures for drift gates, stacks of presents to obliterate, smashable snowmen and much more.

We’re also adding a new weather condition to set your Playgrounds to: you guessed it, snow! Sprinkle some wintry magic onto your Playgrounds, setting fresh new challenges for other players, creating Christmassy set pieces, or simply draping your arenas with decorations befitting of this most wonderful time of the year. 

New Race Event

Also waiting under the tree is a new race to do battle on. Prepare for a fairytale in New York, as we head to Roosevelt Island for a unique Sprint event. Available in Arcade, Time Trial and Online races, the new Sprint event combines ice racing, wintry weather and a host of festive track-side foliage to leave you merrier than old Saint Nick himself.

Customisation Pack

Time to freshen up your look and end the year in style, with a host of new customization items in the Snow Limits pack. For your Profile, find five new lanyards, stickers, and card backgrounds to make use of, whilst in the Livery Editor, try out three new fill patterns in your custom designs. Finally, we’ve designed two unique and thoroughly festive liveries – one for the Ford Mustang GT4, and another for the Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia. Check them out!

Patch Notes for DIRT 5 Update 2.00

  • Snow Limits Free Content Pack New Playgrounds items, new liveries, new Ice Breaker circuit, new customisation items and the option for Snowy conditions in Playgrounds all added, for free to all players 
  • Wheel Support – Extensive selection of wheels supported for DIRT 5 across each platform, including Thrustmaster, Logitech and some Fanatec devices


  • Further general visual and performance improvements across the board, including visual updates to the ‘Prioritise Frame Rate’/120hz mode on Xbox Series X
  • Further FPS improvements when using Image Quality mode on Xbox One and PS4
  • Fixed issues causing flickering lights during night-time events  
  • PC: Further fixes for reports of crashes and startup issues
  • Fixed issue causing game freezes in the Career – Sponsors tab when selecting an Amplified Edition sponsor 


  • Fixes for crashes occurring at the beginning of some Career events for some players
  • Added option to listen back to previous podcast episodes from a playlist 
  • Fixed visual bug in Career mode that shows the player earning more than the maximum amount of Stamps after completing Throwdowns 


  • Technical changes made to the matchmaking process; search times for lobbies have been increased to improve the likelihood of live lobbies being found
  • Friends lobby size increased to eight players 
  • Fixes for crashes occurring when exiting active multiplayer events


  • Fixed multiple bugs causing crashes and performances issues in split-screen play
  • Audio fixes for low volume in split-screen mode


  • Leaderboard display adjusted to show faster target times
  • Resolves occurrences of objects being available for the wrong event type


  • Amplified Edition entitlements fully unlocked for Amplified Edition pre-order players 
  • PS5: Fixed issue with Trophies not unlocking. Any Trophies earned during this issue should unlock for players after completing one event
  • Further improvements made to AI behaviour, particularly in races with large grids 
  • Fixed instance of cars triggering a track reset incorrectly on Arizona – Merrick Butte location
  • Fixed issues causing crashes in the post-race menus
  • Sprint cars: changes made to handling model following community feedback 
  • Display fixes for PS4/PS5 Trophy images and text
  • General stability and quality of life improvements across each platform to improve your experience

Xbox, PlayStation 

  • Multiple general performance improvements across the board, reducing instances of crashes, gameplay stuttering and FPS drops, further optimising general gameplay  
  • Xbox: Resolved issue causing some players to lose controller vibration/rumble 
  • PS4: Resolved issues caused by saving data created before the previous patch, such as progress disappearing upon game restart and crashes when using livery editor 
  • PS5: Further refinements to the use of DualSense adaptive triggers  
  • PS4/PS5: V-Sync added 
  • Fix for crash caused by signing out during a Gymkhana event  
  • Visual improvements to rain effects on the windshield when using interior camera views  
  • Display fix for rewards screen in the post-race menu 
  • Photo mode: minor fixes and optimizations 
  • Multiplayer: improvements in kicking players in the lobby who do not ready up for an event 
  • Multiplayer: general improvements to online matchmaking and lobby searches 
  • The Trophy/Achievement ‘Spare Some Change for Gas?’ will now require players to race for 1,000 miles, instead of 10,000