Dirt 5 – Update v3.00, Energy Content Pack DLC, And Free Stuff Coming February 22

Dirt 5 Update v3.00

Game developer Codemasters announced that on February 22, they will release update v3.00 for the DIRT 5 racing title on Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Besides various fixes and optimisations, update V3.00 will include some new Dirt 5 content in the form of four new cars via the Energy Content Pack, new career events, the Junkyards Playground Update and more.

Update 3.00 Patch Notes

Scheduled to release on all platforms on February 22, 2021. 

Content and Features 

  • Energy Content Pack (separate pack, included in Amplified Edition and Year One Upgrade versions) 
  • Junkyard Playgrounds Update – over 20 new themed Playgrounds items to use in Create mode 
  • New official liveries: Ford RS200, Ford Escort ES Cosworth, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2    
  • New Playground location: Italy  
  • Level cap increase to 120   


  • PS5: Fixes and improvements to address reports of frame rate drops and stutters in all visual modes 
  • Further visual improvements in cockpit/interior camera views 
  • Multiple display and UI fixes for split-screen events 
  • Fixed instances of shadows appearing overly dark in specific conditions and locations  
  • Fixed multiple instances of lighting and object pop-in during night conditions 
  • PC: Mouse will now disappear from the screen when the game is running 
  • PC: Fixes and improvements for players using AMD Ryzen CPUs 
  • Fixes for the under-ice lighting in selected Ice Breaker events  
  • Fixes for instances of seams and flickers on Greece and China events when using the ‘Prioritise Frame Rate’ visual setting 


  • Changes made to post-race flow to increase speed and remove waiting time 
  • Fixed instances of ‘invisible’ walls or objects allowing players to ‘wall ride’ in certain areas of locations 
  • Fixed instances of unclear ‘out of bounds’ sections forcing cars to reset in Brazil and Arizona 
  • Further AI behaviour improvements in multiple events and modes 
  • Xbox: Fixes for minor instances of rumble disappearing on Xbox One 
  • Xbox: Fix for instances of crashes during Ice Breaker events 
  • Xbox: Fixed instances of crashes on start screen for some Series X|S players with previous save data from Xbox One version 
  • Xbox One: Fix for graphical corruption when accessing photo mode on Xbox One with ‘Prioritise Framerate’ setting 


  • Updates to Career race objectives, including removal of ‘Dynamo’ objectives 


  • Multiplayer playlist update – new race events available in online play including multi-class races 
  • Ghosting and speed reduction system implemented when players hit walls at a designated excessive speed 
  • Fixed inconsistencies between HUD timer and post-race leaderboard timings 

Energy Content Pack


  • Alpine A110 Sports X
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • GMC Sierra Pre-Runner
  • Porsche Taycan Turbo S

All four cars in the Energy Content Pack are playable in all game modes, including in Career, where Codemasters added another 25 bespoke events for you to take on. Two new exclusive sponsor options will also be available in Career – Xite and MadCroc – and completing the new events when signed to these sponsors will unlock new personalization items, such as bespoke liveries, stickers, lanyards, and custom livery editor options.  

The Energy Content Pack is available free of cost for Amplified Edition and Year One Upgrade content owners, or can be purchased separately.

Junkyard Playground Update

In this update comes over 20 new items to get creative with, from scrap metal, crushed cars, and tyre stacks, to cranes, bulldozers, and even our huge scrap-built dinosaur sculpture, we’re bringing you more ways to make your racing arenas unique, challenging and awe-inspiring. The new Playgrounds items are available to use in Create mode for designing arenas, and any uploaded Playground that features these new items will be available for all players to race on. 

The Junkyard Playgrounds Pack is free for all players and will be automatically added to your game when downloading the new update! The Energy Content Pack is FREE for DIRT 5 Amplified Edition owners, and anyone who owns DIRT 5’s Year One Upgrade. For all other players, the packs can be purchased separately on the Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation stores for £9.99/€11.49/$12.49. 

Dirt 5 Junkyard Playground Update

Free Dirt 5 content for all users

Codemasters also added some more free content for all users. In Playgrounds mode, update v3.00 includes the new Italy location for your custom racing arenas.

The Italy location is the first arena to feature two different levels, with a drop in the middle connecting them, offering new possibilities for amazing creations.

Dirt 5 Playgrounds mode
Dirt 5 Playgrounds mode

More livery designs

Last but not least, Update v3.00 adds some free unique livery designs for the Ford RS200, Ford Escort RS Cosworth, and the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2. 

The PC version of DIRT 5 is available via Steam for €54,99. The DIRT 5 Amplified Edition is available for €74,99.