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DIRT Rally Merchandise – T-Shirt Competition


DIRT Rally Merchandise - T-Shirt Competition

DIRT Rally T-Shirt Competition

Now that it’s clear that the DIRT Rally title by Codemasters is a success, the marketing team decided it was time to create some DiRT Rally merchandise. The aim is to make some Dirt Rally T-shirts available to please the fans. Codemasters decided to involve the community by letting them compete in a t-shirt design competition.

Between the 15th and the 25th of January 2016, you can submit your personal DiRT Rally t-shirt design to enter the competition by sending them to

The rules are pretty simple. Every design should include the official DiRT Rally logo. It is important to make sure that your design can not feature brands or branded vehicles. To get you started, Codemasters supplied a high-resolution clean version of the official logo.

Once the submissions period is over, the DiRT team will publish the best entrees on the official Facebook page, after wich the DIRT Rally community will be able to vote (Like) for their personal favourite.

Every competition needs some prizes. The creator of the winning DIRT Rally T-shirt design will receive two of the shirts. One for framing, and one for wearing. Furthermore, he will receive a selection of Razer products including a keyboard, mouse, and headphones.

Codemaster reported that the full terms and conditions for the competition are available on Facebook. At the time of writing we could not yet find them, but we are confident they will be published soon.

The Steam version of Dirt Rally by Codemasters is available for €44.99. The retail PC & Console versions will be in the stores on April 5th 2016.


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