Empty Box : Why Public Online Racing Fails.

rFactor 2


Emty Box has been creating Sim Racing videos for a while now. His personal views on the topic at hand, might be called controversial sometimes, yet he does try to bring up some interesting discussions, without holding back on healthy criticism.

In this episode Emty Box has a look on the good and bad issues of public online racing. He starts of with a look at the rFactor 2 online race system, and continues discussing his personal experience with your average online race.

To takes things even further Emty Box explains he would like to see driver levels or skills have an influence on the online session you can join. Something we already are familiar with in because of the iRacing Safety rating and iRating. 

Deliberately discounting the turn one pile up. But, without the ability to whine for a restart after you did something supremely stupid in T1, one would hope we would see fewer pile ups. Feel free to substitute rF2 for any other sim out there, they all more or less do the same thing and get the same result. It shouldn’t be solely up to one crazy server owner.

In fact its simple. public Online servers need more players. not an easy task when the former biggest platform out there struggles to get more then five people on a server. i guess its time to rethink some choices made. ( And yes, i am talking about rFactor 2.  However much i like the heritage and vision behind the rF2 platform, besides a small hardcore fan base, it fails to keep the majority interested. If i look around in my little circle of sim racing friends, the average sim racer finds the system confusing, complicated and to much of a hassle to get running. I wish this was not true, but i have to admit allot of the criticism has had its reasons. Lets hope ISI is able to simplify its user interface and therefore also becomes popular for the average simracer/gamer. 


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