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Empty Box takes a look at the latest iRacing build

iRacing build

Empty Box takes a look at the latest iRacing build released the new iRacing 2014 Season 3 build. Empty Box takes a look at the new content, updates and improvements in this update. This build contains the new version of Phoenix International Raceway based on changes which were made to the track in 2012, and the British Donington Park Racing Circuit including two configurations: GP and National layout. (Keep in mind that these tracks are available in the new build, but need to be purchased.)

Appart from the new content, there are a few features that can be shown on video, but the main attraction of this build cannot be translated to visuals. The tire wear. Empty Boc explains that the there is now some more tire wear, but the consequences are different. With this small change, the tires will  no longer reach a cliff when they are heating up. Tires are now more sensitive to temperature, though less “volatile”. They do overheat a little faster, but don’t lose all grip when it happens. As many iRacers out there, Empty Box states that the updated tires feel significantly more predictable.

You can check out the full list of features in the latest iRacing build here.

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