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EmptyBox – An In-depth Look At Field Of View

EmptyBox – An In-depth Look At Field Of View

In his latest video, EmptyBox takes an in-depth look at the Field Of View setting in a racing simulator.

In driving games and simulators, the field of view or field of vision (abbreviated FOV) is the extent of the observable game world that is seen on the display at any given moment.  It is typically measured as an angle, although whether this angle is the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal component of the field of view varies depending on the platform used. (WKP)

A correct FOV setting should result in a more realistic view and correct sense of speed. This might sound complicated, but with the help of the in-game tools provided in some titles, or third party FOV calculators, it should be fairly easy to come up with a suitable setting for your setup.

   FoV Calculator
   Horizontal to Vertical FoV Calculator

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