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F1 2014 Austrian Red Bull Ring Hot Lap

Codemasters uploaded a new video of their upcoming F1 2014 Formula game for the PlayStation, Xbox 360 and PC. In this video you can watch the Red Bull Formula racer driven by Daniel Ricciardo do a hot lap around the Austrian Red Bull Ring. 

In this video we can have a look at the graphical quality and listen to the sound of the virtual Turbocharged Formula One cars. The video shows us a variation of camera angle’s and reveals the detailed scenery of the in-game Red Bull Ring.

F1 2014 by Codemasters should be ready for release on October 17 for the PlayStation, Xbox 360 and PC.  As far as the new generation consoles are concerned, Codemasters states that they are planning to release their first title on new-generation platforms in 2015. F1 2015 will feature improved graphics, better physics and a better audio engine. F1 2015 will launch earlier in the Formula One season and will then then receive updates bringing 2015 content into the game. F1 2015 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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