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F1 2014 Bahrain Hot Lap preview

F1 2014 Bahrain Hot Lap preview

Codemasters released a preview video of their upcoming official F1 2014 title. In this video we can view a lap in the Ferrari at the Bahrain International Circuit. apart from the graphics we can also hear the in-game Formula 1 Turbo sound that seems pretty convincing.  It can be said that as in the real world, it does take away some of the excitement and sense of speed in comparison to the previous V8 Engine based sounds.

Next to all the cars, drivers and circuits (including new tracks in Russia and Austria) of the F1 2014 world Championship, the title will also feature a new driver evaluation system to adjust the game to your level, shorter career options and new Very Easy mode.

The Codemasters F1 2014 title is planned to be released on October 17 for the PlayStation, Xbox 360 and PC.  As far as the new generation consoles are concerned, Codemasters states that they are planning to release their first title on new-generation platforms in 2015. This release is supposed to change the way we look at a Formula One game. F1 2015 will feature improved graphics, better physics and a better audio engine. F1 2015 will launch earlier in the Formula One season and will then then receive updates bringing 2015 content into the game. F1 2015 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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