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F1 2017 – Career | Make History Trailer

F1 2017 - Career | Make History Trailer

F1 2017 – Career | Make History Trailer

Getting close to the release date, Codemasters and Koch Media published a brand new gameplay trailer for F1 2017, the official game of the 2017 FIA Formula One Championship. Te new trailer homes in on the F1 2017 Career Mode.

F1 2017 will be available on 25 August 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via both DVD and Steam.

Press Release:

F1 2017 has a massively expanded Career Mode that introduces invitational events at key points during the regular F1 season, where you will get to drive 12* classic F1 cars in a host of different events including overtake challenges, pursuit events, checkpoint, and time attack challenges. The classic cars are also playable in all other areas of the game, and can be raced as both single and multi-class – C1 and C2 – races. Eagle-eyed fans will notice a guest appearance of the multi-class racing in this trailer too, but you don’t take part in that form of racing within the actual career mode itself, but we wanted to show it off to people for sure.

To accompany the trailer we spoke to Creative Director Lee Mather, who told us: “The Career Mode was a big hit last year and we are building on those incredibly strong foundations to create an even deeper, more rounded experience for F1 2017. We have added female driver avatars, new paddock locations and a new character as well as greatly increasing the scope for developing your team and car. All of this, we feel, combined with the addition of the iconic classic cars this year, means that F1 2017 offers gamers the ultimate F1 experience yet.”

In addition to the invitational events, the Career Mode offers a huge amount of extra depth with 115 possible Research and Development upgrades (over 4 ½ times as many as in F1 2016 – check out our awesome “tech tree” 21 seconds into the trailer), new practice programmes to master, as well as increased importance being given to the management and reliability of your car’s engine and gearbox elements.

The Research and Development consists of four different categories that you’ll able to upgrade, Powertrain, Chassis, Aerodynamics and Durability, though you can go with the ‘Recommended Upgrade’ if this is something that you don’t want to think about too much.

You’ll also need to manage the six key components which each make up a modern F1 power unit, as well as work to develop team skills such as pit stop times, Research and Development speed and new part reliability.

As well as the 20 official circuits from the current season, we’ve also introduced four new shortened circuits at Britain, Bahrain, USA and Japan, while also allowing you to take on the iconic Monaco street circuit at night.

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