F1 2020 – Traction Control Guide

F1 2020 - Traction Control Guide

F1 2020 – Traction Control Guide

Codemasters shared a new Guide video for their F1 2020 racing game.

In this episode, we can learn more about the Formula 1 Traction Control system by learning how to drive without it. The video explains the purpose of Traction Control, shows you how to modulate the throttle and how to short shift in order to reduce wheelspin. 

A Traction Control System reduces the power to the driving wheels in an event of wheel spin. Unlike limited-slip differential, where power is transferred to the opposite wheel that is not slipping, TC reduces overall power to the driving wheels. Effectively slowing the car down to reduce wheelspin. Of course, like most things on a Formula One car, this is all electronically controlled.

The main aim of TC tuning is to use only enough TC to stop wheel spin and drifting. In Formula 1 Traction Control works by cutting fuel during wheel spin. This has the added benefit of preserving tire wear, but not sacrificing too much power.

The digital download PC versions of F1 2020 are available via Steam. The F1 2020 Seventy Edition can be purchased for 54,99€, while the F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition has a 69,99€ pricetag.


  Official Webpages – www.formula1-game.com