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Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Review on PC and PS4 by ISR

Inside Sim Racing Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Review

Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Review on PC and PS4 by ISR

Darin Gangi and co-host John Sabol from Inside Sim Racing present their review of the Fanatec ClubSport Base V2 on the PC and PS4.

The original CSW V1 was a popular wheelbase for demanding sim racers around the world. While not exactly cheap, it was regarded the best high-end racing wheel when you don’t take the pro direct-drive wheels into account. That said, the V1 CSW also had some reliability issues making the better V2 CSW wheelbase a very welcome substitute.

Along with the new Fanatec Xbox One branded Universal Hub, Darin and John take an in-depth look at the product and after a lengthy test session go over the Pro and Cons list and share their final thoughts.

The Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 is on sale for €749.95 / $599.95. The price difference between the two continents shows us how expensive Europe has become. Americans can purchase their Fanatec base roughly €184 cheaper.


ClubSport Wheel Base V1 vs V2

The optical sensor used in the V1 base is now replaced with two magnetic high-resolution hall sensors that are mounted on both the motor and the steering axis. Fanatec also doubled the sensor resolution.

In comparison to its predecessor the new feedback motor was exclusively designed for Fanatec and features an enhanced gear ratio and increased rotation speed to deliver the promised 75% more torque. With this new motor, also the power supply had to be replaced with a more beefy unit.

To make the wheel compatible with next-gen consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Fanatec had to comply to the licensing rules of the both Microsoft and Sony. They require the brand specific buttons to be on the wheel.

PC users will have no use or wishes when it comes to these console-specific buttons and features. To overcome this problem, Fanatec markets optional steering wheels which add full console compatibility to the base unit.  There are multiple steering wheels available in different price ranges.


ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Features:

  • Choose from a growing selection of very realistic steering wheels in many different styles
  • Quick release system to allow the easy exchange of steering wheels within seconds during gameplay
  • Wheel base made of CNC machined aluminum parts with anodized finish
  • Rock solid: Product weight 4200 g, product dimensions (l x w x h) 210 mm x 295 mm x 150 mm
  • DirectSensor™ technology: The sensor is mounted directly on the steering axis to avoid interference and performance issues that are inherent in belt and gear drives that have motor mounted sensor systems
  • DUAL HALL technology: One Sensor is mounted on the motor and a second one on the axis. It can hardly get more precise than this.
  • Ultra strong brushless servo motor plus two vibration motors in the steering wheel (depending on the model)
  • New cooling system with big fans (also on the backside) and a huge heat sink
  • Revised belt drive mechanism that’s made completely of metal and uses high quality ball bearings and European belts to deliver the smoothest, most precise force feedback possible.
  • Belt tension has been increased to avoid any slip and bearings have been added or increased to minimize the drag
  • Mount for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories
  • Firmware can be updated with new features
  • 900° of rotation which can be reduced in the Tuning menu of the attached ClubSport Steering Wheel
  • Fast 500 Hz USB update rate
  • Connection for two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel

Brushless Servo features:

  • Smooth performance with no cogging (in combination with our Poly-V belt drive system or direct drive)
  • Easier to cool as the heat is on the outside of the motor and not on the motor shaft
  • Strong axis with ball bearings
  • Optimized for use at max power
  • Fast acceleration
  • More efficiency -> more torque with same power


  • All Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheels made for the ClubSport Wheel Base
  • All Fanatec pedals
  • G25/G27 pedals (with optional adapter)
  • All Fanatec Shifter sets
  • All Fanatec Cockpits and Wheel Stands. The drilling pattern is compatible to the Porsche 911 or CSR wheels
  • PlayStation 3: Games which support Fanatec racing wheels. GT6, GT5, F1 2011, Dirt 3 and many other games will work fine!
  • PlayStation 4: Games which support Fanatec racing wheels. E.g. Project CARS
  • Xbox One: The compatibility can be upgraded with (optional) steering wheels like the Universal Hub for Xbox One.

What’s included

  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  • Quick guide (PC & PlayStation 3)
  • Power supply
  • USB cable (2 m/6 ft.)
  • RJ11 (male) – PS/2 (female) adapter cable (50cm/1.6 ft.)
  • 20° mounting adapter


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