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Fanatec FanaLab Beta v1.23 Available

Fanatec FanaLab Beta v1.23 Available

Fanatec FanaLab Beta v1.23 Available

Fanatec has released a new update for their free Fanalab software package for Windows 10 which allows you to conveniently fine-tune various Fanatec hardware settings.

The Fanalab software allows for an unlimited number of setups to be saved and automatically loaded on game start. Select different telemetry data for the wheel display, as well as controlling the behavior of RevLEDs and FlagLEDs. Vibration functionality on supported steering wheels and pedals can also be adjusted using game telemetry.

  Fanatec states you will have to install driver v352 in order to use FanaLab V1.23.

Be aware: While it is stated on the official Fanatec forum to load the 352 Driver, Community member BlueFerrari has shared his own experiences and pointed out that for the moment the info leads to some confusion.

I’ve been advised to load Firmware 347 not 352 directly by Fanatec for DD wheels. This is very confusing. Fanatec, we should be informed directly by you of updates. Not hear about it on sites and forums!


I also would not recommend downloading the new Fanalab software or the 352 drivers as it causes the fans to work overtime and there is no FFB. There are a number of bugs, as this is a Beta. Just some of the issues at the moment I have encountered. Be careful.

Download Fanalab V1.23 (BETA)



  • General:
    • Fixed alt+tab crash issues.
    • UI adjustments.
    • Implemented Button Module Endurance.
    • Fixed scrolling issue of the game list.
  • Tuning Menu:
    • Added support with 2520° of rotation with Podium DDs.
    • Added new settings of the DD: LIN, NIN, and INT including mouse hover hints.
  • Vibration:
    • Added threshold setting for rev limiter vibration of the throttle pedal.
  • LED & Display:
    • Fixed delay issues.
    • Fixed McLaren display not working when loading profile automatically.
    • Shortened duration for Lap data to be displayed.
    • Changed pit limiter display from “PL” to “P”.
    • Flag LED colors of flag states can now be turned off individually.
  • Games:
    • ACC: Removed ERS and DRS data.
    • iR: Fixed crash when loading Formula Renault 2.0.
    • RaceRoom: Hint for enabling/disabling FanaLab support now doesn’t disappear after just 2 seconds.
  • Settings:
    • Log files can now be accessed over “Open Log Folder” under settings.
    • Fixed autostart setting can’t be disabled.

Known Issues:

  • When loading old setups that didn’t have the new features, check the tuning menu settings and so on to make sure there is nothing turned off accidentally like the Interpolation filter.
  • ACC: Green Flag LEDs greyed out.
  • ACC: Suspension Travel Vibration not working yet.
  • ACC: Wheel Spin/Lock not in sync with the in-game LEDs anymore since their update.
  • AC/ACC: Some experience the reverse damper not working consistently.
  • UHX with APM attached while FanaLab is running can cause a constant change between UHX and PHUB in the devices and FanaLab can crash.

How to report issues:

  • List which hardware, driver, and firmware you are using.
  • Cross-check with other settings, games or wheels to see if it’s a general issue or specific with a game, wheel or setting.
  • Go into detail on how we can reproduce the issue.
  • Post screenshots or videos if needed.
  • Profile preview section shows FlagLEDs in different order.
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