Fanatec Reveals The new CSL Pedals

Fanatec Reveals The new CSL Pedals

Back in April, German Sim Racing peripheral manufacturer Fanatec, already astonished the sim racing scene, introducing the Fanatec CSL DD Wheelbase, bringing Direct Drive to the CSL Series, for an amazing price of 349,95€ (incl. VAT) / 349,95$ (excl. VAT) + shipping.

Alongside the announcement, Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier hinted saying ” Where not done yet”.

Today, Fanatec announced yet another low priced Fanatec ecosystem product that could have a substantial impact on the sim racing market.

In an effort to make high-end sim racing equipment more affordable, Fanatec revealed the CSL Pedals. This two-pedal setup will be retailed starting at just 79.95 €/$ (€ incl. VAT, $ excl. VAT) + shipping.

Fanatec CSL Pedals


  • All metal construction
  • High-resolution contactless Hall Sensors (12-Bit!)
  • Full adjustability
  • Very low entry price with multiple options to upgrade
  • Optional Load Cell Kit for professional braking feel
  • Optional Clutch Kit
  • Optional Tuning Kit with aluminum pedal plates

Fanatec set out to produce a Sub-200 €/$ Load Cell Pedal set without compromising on durability and precision. Therefore, the standard two-pedal CSL kit can be optionally upgraded with a Load Cell Kit, Clutch Kit, and a tuning Kit with aluminum pedal plates.

Fanatec CSL Pedals Upgraded

While they have not yet communicated an exact price for these upgrades, it is safe to assume that the total price, including the aforementioned options will stay under the 200 €/$ price point.

The CSL pedals will become available for Pre-orders soon, and are scheduled to ship in Q3 of this year, alongside the CSL DD Wheelbase.

Last but not least, Thomas Jackermeier once more stated ” Where not done yet”. I am curious to see what the next CLS reveal will bring us.

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