Ferrari Finally Joins The World Of eSports

Ferrari Finally Joins The World Of eSports

Ferrari Esports 2019

Ferrari Finally Joins The World Of eSports

It is not a secret that the popularity of modern motorsport is in decline. High profile racing series such as the Formula 1 circus has been struggling to raise interest from the younger generation. The last few months, we have witnessed various F1 teams becoming involved in sim racing and or eSports as a tool to reach out to new and younger audiences. This has resulted in more interest from the corporate world and has put competition sim racing on the fast track.

However, one brand did not participate in the first two seasons of the F1 Esports series, namely Ferrari. In a short press release, the Scuderia has now confirmed that they will take part in the Pro Draft in order to select at least two drivers for the upcoming third season of the F1 eSports Pro Series.

With all 10 F1 teams now ready to compete and divide the $500,000 prize fund the stakes for the e-drivers are higher than ever.

To check out the full list of drivers who have qualified for the Pro Draft so far, click here!


Press Release – 31 May 2019


Ferrari is entering the world of esports with a complete programme that will involve several areas of the company and which will run across various projects.


Interesting Platform. esports is one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms, especially in the field of car racing and will attract Sim Racers and fans who are growing rapidly in number, especially among the young. This area includes open and closed-wheel racing.


New section. To get its participation underway in the F1 esports Series, the Maranello marque has decided to establish a special Ferrari Driver Academy esports Team section within the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA.) The actual competition starts in July and the drivers will be announced shortly.


Julian Tan, Head of Growth and F1 Esports, Formula 1, said: It’s incredibly exciting to welcome all 10 teams to take part in the 2019 F1 New Balance Esports Series for the first time.


Last year saw amazing growth for the series and with the commitment of Ferrari completing the virtual grid, we continue to elevate the series to greater heights as we further align our virtual and real world sports, creating one of the world’s most innovative esports offerings whether in motorsports or beyond. As the 10 teams all vie for a cut of the $500,000 prize fund, this is going to be the biggest season to date.

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