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Game Stock Car 2013 – Formula Extreme in development

Game Stock Car 2013  Game Stock Car 2013

Game Stock Car 2013 – Reiza Formula Extreme coming soon

After Reiza Studios announced that the Formula V12 will be coming to the Game Stock Car 2013 v1.15 Update, they surprise us once more by revealing the Formula Extreme. The car is now officially in development to be included in one of the upcoming Game Stock Car 2013 DLC packages. This car will be the first open wheeler based on the 2014  F1 technical regulations.

This means that the car will be powered by a V6 1.6 Turbo engine with an 8-speed gearbox. Further more this high-powered single seater will feature DRS and all the energy recovery systems used in the present F1 championship. In the provided screenshots you can see the Formula Extreme in its standard livery, but once released, it will probably be not long before the creative community creates some famous Formula 1 liveries to dress up the model.

Reiza studios stated that the first of the Game Stock Car Extreme DLC packages will be released for Game Stock Car 2013 over the next few months. The first DLC could be on your hard drive before the end of march. All of this eye candy does make one wonder what would happen if Reiza Studios could get an ISI rF2 Gmotor license in the near future.

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Game Stock Car 2013

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