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GamerMuscle – Are SimRacing Gloves Stupid?

GamerMuscle – Are SimRacing Gloves Stupid?

Let’s be honest, Sim Racing is rapidly turning into a form of sport and can be physically, and mentally demanding. On the other side of the spectrum, Sim Racing can also be defined as a type of game that heavily relies on the world of make-belief. On which side of the spectrum you are is entirely up to your personal expectations.

The same applies to the modern Sim Racing hardware and accessories market. You could argue that some of these accessories can give you an advantage while some are purely beneficial for the immersion factor.  But how far do you take the obsession?   Should Sim Racers wair a racing suit, racing shoes, and helmet for that ultimate simulation experience, and should, therefore, Fashion became part of the equation?

Our favorite Sim Racing YouTuber, GamerMuscle tackles the topic. Is wearing Sim Racing Gloves stupid? We are already looking forward to a GamerMuscle episode where James performs an endurance race wearing a racing suit and helmet. Some things can sound stupid but would result in such a good and entertaining Sim Racing video.

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