gRally All Terrain Simulator Alpha Version video

gRally  – All terrain Simulator Alpha Version video

As reported last week, the team, who where the creators of the former popular RBR-Online mod for RBR are working on a scratch-build Rally simulation named gRally. The development team is working on a purpose build game engine with all terrain physics in mind.  After showing us some screenshots from an older built, the team now released a small teaser video showing footage of the alpha version of the simulator. In this small clip you can see the classic Alitalia Lancia Stratos and Fiat 131 Abarth in action.

For years in a row, Richard Burns Rally (RBR) has been the number one simulation for hard-core rally fans. At the moment, the title is really starting to show its age, and the gRally project might be the blessing the Sim Rally community is waiting for. The team has always relied heavily on modded content for RBR. So it can be expected that gRally will support modding on its platform.

The gRally development team is promising a new rally game focussing on 1970-’90 historic rally cars, with accurate driving dynamics and a rally tyre model. The Rally Sim will have a multiplayer mode that allows up to 60 clients to compete in a virtual rally weekend! The gRally development team is still on the lookout for 2D/3D artists and sound designers to  join the team. So if you think you could contribute your skills to this interesting project, let them know.

Jon Denton had an interesting interview with Luca Giraldi who is part of the gRally development team. You can read the full article at the RavSim blog site.

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