gRally Update v1.1.0.0 Deployed Introducing Infinity

gRally Update v1.1.0.0 Deployed Introducing Infinity

Way back in 2011 announced that they would start work on a scratch-build Rally simulation named gRally. Back then This was good news for sim racing rally fans, because of the lack of a good rally Simulator besides RBR. The ever so popular Richard Burns Rally or RBR in short, has been the mother of all rally simulations for a long time.

After announcing gRally, things went quiet until March of 2014, when the project was picked up again, and the official website was launched. Finally the game was officially released in May of 2018.

That makes it gRally’s second Birthday, and to celebrate this, the small developer team at Ghiboz has released a new gRally build improving several aspects of the game and introducing the Infinity feature which enables the developer to create rally stages in a procedurally way resulting in better rallies and championships.

The gRally Early Acces version is available via Steam for €9,99.

gRally 1

Changelog v1.1.0.0


  • Procedural Stages;
  • G1: digital gear indicator;
  • G2: digital gear indicator;- Physics on signs;
  • Surface sounds;
  • 30″ time penalty if you recover the car;
  • Stage surfaces on roadbook stage;
  • Management of controllers settings files (save and load);
  • Car paint on live rallies;
  • RPM lights on Logitech wheels (tested on G29);


  • Updated to Unity 2018
  • Rendering fluency
  • Reflections
  • Sky clouds
  • Ambient light
  • Car engine sounds
  • Updated PhysRoad v3 material with ruts and groove
  • External camera stuttering
  • Setup check on live rallies
  • Dust particles shader
  • “Select replay file” message if any replay file isn’t selected
  • Replay list
  • Replay camera stuttering
  • Replay file (save livery, date time and other geo settings)
  • Replay camera management

Procedural Stage improvements

  • Dynamic collider to trees and objects
  • Live rally with procedural stages
  • Wrong distance at startup
  • Procedural stages from url
  • Crossroad meshes
  • Procedural stage world position
  • Replay cameras
  • Improved vegetation mask
  • Jumps


  • Car damage texture now works
  • Crash after exiting stage
  • Errors on F2 – Sky panel
  • Removed not necessary UI elements in pause screen during replay
  • Setups management on live rallies
  • Showroom colors presets
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