gRally Website launched

gRally Lancia Stratos

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gRally Website live

In 2011 announced that they would start work on a scratch-build Rally simulation named gRally. This was good new for sim racing rally fans, because of the lack of a good rally Simulator besides RBR. The ever so popular Richard Burns Rally, or RBR in short has been the mother of all rally simulations for a long time. After all these years, the title has become somewhat dated as far as graphics and technology are concerned. For this reason, lots of its fans where on the lookout for a replacement. There have been a few rally games released since then, but they never seemed to appeal the Rally Sim audience. Further more there is a need for a better online multiplayer experience. This is where the gRally project originated.

After announcing gRally, things went quiet and it seemed that the project was canceled. In march of this year, all of a sudden a few screenshots appeared on the web, indicating that the project was not yet put to sleep. Now work on the project is picked up again, and an official website is launched. On this new website you are welcomed by the sentence ” Welcome to a new generation of all terrain simulators – From the inventors of, another revolution is coming up next.”

the gRally development team is promising a new rally game focussing on 1970-’90 historic rally cars, with accurate driving dynamics and a rally tyre model. The Rally Sim will have a multiplayer mode that allows up to 60 clients to compete in a virtual rally weekend! The gRally development team is still on the lookout for 2D/3D artists and sound designers to  join the team. So if you think you could contribute your skills to this interesting project, let them know.

In the supplied preview screenshots, you can see the Fiat 131 Abarth and Lancia Stratos in action on one of the rally stages. Keep in mind that these are all work in progress preview shots.

Official Webpage –