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Gran Turismo Sport – Launch date – Videos and screenshots

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport – Launch date – Videos and screenshots

Back in October 2015 during the Sony Paris Games Week press conference, Jim Ryan, president of Sony Entertainment Europe, and Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital, announced Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation 4.

Now the moment a lot of Gran Turismo fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital revealed details and the release date of Gran Turismo Sport at an exclusive event held at the Olympic Stadium in London.

During a 40-minute introduction, Kazunori Yamauchi officially announced that Gran Turismo Sport will become available on the PlayStation 4 on November 16th (Europe), and November 18th in the USA. To get the hype going, Polyphony Digital released a new extensive gameplay Gran Turismo Sport trailer entirely captured from a PS4. ( Top Video) Sadly enough, Kazunori also announced that the promised beta version of the game will most probably not become available.

The launch version will contain 137 scratch build cars featuring an interior camera mode that showcases the models detailed cockpits. All the car models will be showcased in a showroom along with a video from the manufacturers. You will be able to race at 19 locations with a total of 27 track layouts, including the Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop), Brands Hatch, Willow Springs Raceway, a Dirt Course set in the US Midwest, and a number of brand new tracks appearing in the Gran Turismo series for the first time such as the Tokyo Expressway and the half-mile oval dubbed the Northern Isle Speedway.

Furthermore, the game will also contain a Museum, live broadcasts with live commentary and the chance to get a real FIA racing license. Players will be able to interface with the game via a smartphone and browser. For the creative minds, there is the enhanced photo mode called Scapes. Players can showcase their favorite cars in more than 1000 locations around the world. Scapes will feature a selection of camera effects and the option to feature multiple cars into a single photo.

Gran Turismo Sport will be up for preorder. Early buyers will receive the exclusive in-game Ford Mustang Group B Rally car, Peugeot 908 HDi FAP LMP1 and Toyota FT-1 Vision GT Group 3. Besides the Gran Turismo Sport standard edition, there will also be a GT Sport Limited Edition available.


Besides the common Single Race, Time Trial, Drift Trial and two player Split-Screen modes, Gran Turismo Sport features an offline Campaign Mode providing gamers a hands-on experience to allow even beginners to learn driving skills from scratch, and later on improve their level in order to participate in major race events. The offline content features 117 events divided up in different game modes.

The offline content features 117 events divided up in different game modes:

Beginner’s School
From basic skills such as hitting the brakes and how to turn into a corner, fundamentals can be learned from the bottom up, which will prove invaluable for newcomers to driving games.

Mission Challenge

As you work your way through short missions, you will automatically pick up fundamental driving skills without even realizing it. In the end, you will have a level of skill that will allow you to participate in major race events.

Circuit Experience
Through actual experience on a race track, you will step into the true world of high-performance driving. Use the knowledge of track layouts learned in the mission challenges to pick up the basics of how to conquer a race course.

Race Etiquette
In online, as well as real races, etiquette on the track is as important as performance. Learn the rules of etiquette and sportsmanship that’s required in all player-vs-player races. Even if you’re not a top driver with lots of confidence in your skill, you will still have plenty of fun because each player will be matched fairly with people of their own level for fair and equal online racing.


Sport mode

The online sport mode introduces a sportsmanship point system evaluating online race behavior. The player’s skill and behavior will be judged during daily races and will be used to match players of the same level in order to create a competitive field of racers.

the Sport Mode, will also feature the FIA Gran Turismo Championships in which two FIA-certified online championship series will be running at the same time. The first is the “Nations Cup,” where players around the world represent their home country in the series. The other is the “Manufacturer Fan Cup,” in which players select their favorite car manufacturer and represent them in the series.  The FIA Gran Turismo Championship races will be broadcasts.