GT Revival – New Preview Image Teasing Classic Ferrari 550 GTS

GTRevival Ferrari 550 GTS Cockpit

Alongside the RSC interview with Straight4 CEO Ian Bell, the Straight4 Newsletter also contained a new in-game screenshot showing us the cockpit of a classic FIA GT racing car.

Straight4 quote: Next job (happening now) is for the dev’ team to bring in the next batch of cars into the sim. We can’t name ’em (well, aside from Ian, so keep an eye on his social channel because that’s what we do too!) but it’ll represent a proper cross-section of the kinds of cars and eras you can expect to land with the upcoming WMD program. (And no, none of these are modern-era GT3s.) And if you promise not to tell anyone, here’s a little show of something we’re all itching to get our hands on in-game with our new physics model. (And again, nope, we’re not confirming what car that is so don’t ask! Those who enjoyed GTR though will recognize the mythical icon from the early noughties.)

Looking closer at the screenshot, and taking into account the hint that Simbin GTR game fans would recognize the car, it became clear that the classic GT racing car in question is the Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello, one of, if not the most popular car featured in the GTR and GTR2 game.

When last week, Straight4 published the first GTRevival in-game screenshot showcasing a modern Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo at the Interlagos circuit, many community members were pointing out that maybe the world does not need yet another GT3-based racing simulator. That said, Straight4 has always pointed out that GTRevival would feature a diverse field of racing cars, including both modern and classic machinery, so I am getting excited to see which content will be revealed next.

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Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello Cockpit (ProDrive)