GTR2 – Alfa Romeo Concept 33/2 preview video. [by Mirza]



GTLW member Mirza  who you may know from the Power & Glory mod is creating an Alfa Romeo Concept Retrofutura 33/2 for Assetto Corsa.
He posted another preview video of the model in action using GTR2.

With this  WIP he is trying to revive the past of Alfa Romeo’s range of 33/2 mid engine v8 street and race cars.

Mirza did start his design concept in 2010, and had the GTR2 platform in mind for his mod.
GTR2 is a great game but soon Mirza realised that it was not wat he needed for his project.

When Assetto Corsa got announced, Mirza knew that this whas the perfect platform to showcase his design.
The model is currently being improved to in terms of poly count to meet the AC poly limits for 60k car models
The current model (Body and wheels) is about 30K.

Froma technical aspect he decided to fit the car in the range of the F458. The Alfa has a 1 cm shorter wheel base and similar wheel track as the Ferrari flagship.
The technical similarities don’t stop there as it has similar spec. engine, gearbox, tire and rim size.


Video and model by Mirza.