GTR2 – Power & Glory V3.1 Released



The GTLW Mod Team released V3.1 of the Power & Glory mod for GTR2.

The patch Comes with a lot of fixes to address bugs and issues with the P&G v3.0 mod, and contain plenty of improvements and a few new cars.

Also included are a few very interesting cars to the P&G line up Including the 1974 Ford Escort MkI RS1600 2.0 Litre Zakspeed, 1968 Mini 1275S Cooper Works team and the 1960 Triumph TRS.
Check out the huge Changelog, that will make this mod one of the premier add-ons for the GTR2 platform.



  • Fix/Renaming of various cars individual number-ID schemes (via v3.1 installer script/code), where different car models were sharing same number-ID and causing conflicts/bugs of all sorts.
  • Fix/Renaming of some classes name-ID scheme (via v3.1 installer script/code), where these affected ones would not work with dedicated servers.
  • Fixed the Escorts and Capris steering wheel texture bug that happened when both cars encountered on track.
  • Fixed the Escort #71114 bug causing CTD when using DX7/DX8 shaders.
  • Fixed the Chevrolet Corvette C3 bug when using DX7 shaders (skins became fully black).
  • Fixed the Cobra 427 Roadster #65009 to add the side mirror support/stalk missing in cockpit mesh.
  • Fixed the mapping of the side mirrors on the Porsche 911s.
  • Fixed a bug on the Porsche 911 IROC speedometer, where the digits were not in correct order.
  • Fixes on default GTR2 tracks missing or broken normals in the track meshes, leading to certain ATI GPUs (and some Nvidia GPUs) rendering affected areas as large black patches (bug fixes by Greg ‘unseen’).
  • Fixed the AIW bug on “Magny-Cours Club” track, where the car was dropped from the air into grass if skipping out lap in Time Trial (new AIW version by ‘Dangerous Beans’).
  • Fixes on steering columns for Austin Healey 3000, Alfa Romeo GTA, Chevrolet Corvette C2, Ferrari 250GT-SWB, Shelby Daytona Coupe, Porsche 911 RSR and IROC.
  • Fixed the rotation arrows on Style2 wheels of the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight.
  • Fixed the mapping on Style3 wheels of Shelby Daytona Coupe.
  • Fixed the headlight glow and window clipping in external view on the Alpine A110.
  • Removed bonnet pins from Lotus Elan #65625 (cockpit view).
  • Removed unnecessary files from BMW CSL #73015 mask file and removed mip-maps from steering wheel spec files.
  • Fixed the windshield banner transparency bug in the Porsche 911 cars (RSR, ST and IROC), which was clipping track textures.
  • Fixed fuel filler in the boot (trunk) lid position for the GTAm 1750/2000, GTA 1300 Junior’WB’ and GTA 1600 #66006.
  • Fixed unmatching dashboards (internal to external and vice-versa) on some Alfa Romeo GTAm 1750/2000.
  • Various overall fixes for all the Triumph TR4 versions (repositioned seats in ext.view, resized instruments to fit bezels, s-wheel cowl/column in ext.view, fitted dynamic dirtscreen).
  • Various specific fixes for the Triumph TR4 Coupe Sebring #63036-37-38 (fixed instrument lighting and chassis glass no longer clipping track textures in ext.view).
  • Various specific fixes for the Triumph TR4 Roadsters #67071 and #67074 (fixed headlight illumination, headlight glass that breaks away on collision, added interior mirror in ext.view).
  • Fixed the seat travel on C3 L88 #11 and #12 preventing seeing through the roof when braking.
  • Fixed the Jaguar MkII wheels, including centred discs and front discs moved outboard, and also repaired front right caliper.
  • Fixed headlamp tape appearing on Lotus Elite #43 when lights switched on.
  • Fixed incorrect headlamp tape appearing on Ford Mustangs.
  • Fixed floating front wheels for Lotus Cortina.
  • Fixed headlamp tape disappearing when Abarth lights switched on.


  • Improved physics for the Alfa Romeo GTA-SA (corrected engine braking).
  • Fixed the Ford Escort 1968 Goodyear tyres (changed to GoodYear A-type G4, where A-type is tread pattern (all weather) and G4 is compound).
  • Separated the Ford Escort TC FVA from the regular Escort TC, as they differ too much in performance.
  • Improved “Anderstorp-North” and “Magny-Cours Club” tracks (conversions used now are by ‘Dangerous Beans’).
  • Improved horizontal seat adjustment on DeTomaso Panteras (can go more to the front now).
  • Improved vertical seat adjustment on the Porsche 906s (can go a litle higher now).
  • Fixed the rear collision feelers (re-positioned) for Porsche 906 longtail.
  • Fixed the front collision feelers (re-positioned) for Porsche 906 longtail and 906-E.
  • Added missing parameters (in the .CAR files) necessary for endurance-racing driver-swaps (between Player and AI) on Pit-Stops.
  • Fixed error in suspension steering arms for Corvette Grand Sport and some other C2s.
  • Improved (more accurate) physics for Mini Cooper – your saved setups will require changes. Engines more reliable.
  • Separated the Mini Cooper 1275S Group 5 from the other Minis (Group 2), as they differ too much in performance.
  • Improved the Abarth TC1000 engines tolerance at high revs.
  • Updated P&G Launcher, which includes improved player-profile patching, among other features.


  • The Mini Cooper #69030 (Britax) received wide wheels and arches.
  • Updated Ford Escort models (TC and RS) with new details, such as the side quarter window and lower roof line, and also rollcage for the Escort RS.
  • Improved wheels for the Lotus Cortina.
  • Drivers helmets now have cube mapping, to mimic reflections (external contribution from ‘Petty’).
  • Improved sparks, brown-dust and white-smoke effects textures (external contribution from ‘Petty’).
  • Improved graphics for all the cars by using much better LOD distances.


  • Small corrections (improved looping) in mid/high RPM in-car sound samples for the Porsche 914/6, 911 ST2.5, Ford Escorts TC and RS, and 60′s Alfa GTA.
  • Small adjustments in engine sound samples crossfading/transitions of Porsche 911 ST2.5, Lotus Elan, Ferrari 250GT SWB, Corvette 427 and 60′s Alfa GTA.
  • Increased overall pitch on the engine sounds of the Shelby Cobras 289 and 427 (about 5% higher) and Lotus Cortina and Elan (about 7% higher).
  • Different “off-high” in-car engine sound sample for the Ferrari 250 GT SWB.
  • Different selection of engine samples for the Triumph TR4.
  • Adjusted transmission-whine sound in the Ford Cortina GT, Alfa Romeo GTA-SA and Ferrari 250 GT SWB.
  • Fixed overall pitch on the Porsche 906-8, Ferrari 250GT SWB and Shelby GT350 external sounds (to match internal ones).
  • Subtle increase in volume (+1.1dB) of transmission-whine SFX sound samples.
  • Subtle improvements in environmental rain sounds (in-car rain stereo sfx is louder +1.1dB, and external rain sfx is now in Mono-channel as required).
  • Engine sounds volume parameters adjusted (low vs high RPM range) to provide better dynamics.
  • Readjusted blends between low and high speed brake hiss, and the sound samples have also been updated.


  • Fixed a showroom bug on the Porsche 906, where its wheels were floating.
  • Fixed a small nomenclature issue with the Gulf GT40 tyre file.
  • Separated the Triumph TR4A from the TR4 (description only) due to some diferent aspects (IRS on one, live-axle on the other).
  • Updated the text/info on the Alfa GTAM #72003 “Moschous”, to provide more basic info about its particular characteristics.
  • Small update in the HUD’s font and text.
  • Added new separate class-selection so that cars can be chosen by year/season.
  • Updated dictionary files for improved Triple-Screen online (external contribution from ‘AS4ever’).


  • Included the 1974 Ford Escort MkI RS1600 2.0 Litre Zakspeed (DRM Div.1 and ETCC overall Champion).
  • Included the 1968 Mini 1275S Cooper Works team (with wide wheels and arches).
  • Included the 1960 Triumph TRS Le Mans team (based on the TR4).
  • Included new songs for music/soundtrack (external contribution from ‘Hayman3030′)
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