GTR2 – [WIP] Power & Glory V3 UI Updates.




[WIP] Power&Glory V3 UI Updates.

Power&Glory V3 is in the final stages of completion. You might be one of these long time users of our mod, or you maybe someone that only now got interested by it.

In any of the cases, we thought it would be nice to introduce you in all the little changes we made in the game menus for P&G v3,0, so that the experience with the mod gets a little more pleasant, practical, and closer to how we wanted it to be.

Back in late 2008, the P&G v2.0 menus introduced new aesthetics and style that could fit better the theme of P&G, but we always wanted to keep the GTR2 menus overall layout and schematics, being very intuitive and practical. Like they say, "no need to reinvent the wheel".

Although the menus were adapted, the only obvious change aside the aesthetics was, perhaps, the car-setup menu. We wanted something in-between GT-Legends and GTR2 styles for that.

For P&G v3.0, the overall design and style of menus have changed once again but, like before, the desire to keep the GTR2 menus layout was still a priority, so you’ll find everything still in the same place, just slightly adapted in style and functions to the needs of the mod.