GTRevival – Final Logo Revealed

Straight 4 Studios
GTRevival Final Logo

Ever since the announcement of Straight4’s upcoming GTRevival racing game, the development team has been experimenting with different logo designs.

Now Straight4 seems to have picked a winner revealing what they call ” the final logo” for GTRevival.

Ian Bell said: I’m privileged to have a wonderful media team ran by my good friend Dr. Rose Sattari. Here is our final logo and some indication of the convoluted thinking behind it. Aspects are inspired by Vetruvian man by Da Vinci. They think this shit through. Hope you like it. xx

GTRevival Final Logo Design


At the end of 2022, Ian Bell (SimBin, Blimey Games, and Slightly Mad Studios) announced that he founded a new studio branding named Straight4Games or just plain Straight4. The new company announced a Strategic Partnership with German-Austrian media publisher and distributor PLAION, (formerly known as Koch Media GmbH). At this point, Straight4 had revealed they were working on a new racing simulation with the project name GTR Revival, now renamed to GTRevival which should become available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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