GTRevival – Impressive Grass System Previews

GTRevival - Impressive Grass System Previews
GTRevival Lister Storm

The GTRevival development team continued working on the track features. Straight4 CEO Ian Bell shared some interesting progress screenshots showing us the current state of the grass system for the upcoming racing simulator.

For some, these details may look trivial or unimportant, but for many, this eye for detail makes a lot of difference when it comes to visual fidelity and immersion in a game/sim. Ian reported that the development team pretty much nailed the grass system. The screenshots show us how the grass is short and, controlled next to the asphalt and a little longer further away resulting in a very pleasing photorealistic look of the terrain around the track.

Ian Bell said: To have over 3 billion blades of grass, reacting to proximity does take some overhead. But we’re actually not hitting crazy CPU or GPU figures here. That was the whole point. Plus, you can always turn it off until the big bucks roll in for a 4080/90…


At the end of 2022, Ian Bell (SimBin, Blimey Games, and Slightly Mad Studios) announced that he founded a new studio branding named Straight4Games or just plain Straight4. The new company announced a Strategic Partnership with German-Austrian media publisher and distributor PLAION, (formerly known as Koch Media GmbH). At this point, Straight4 had revealed they were working on a new racing simulation with the project name GTR Revival, now renamed to GTRevival which should become available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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