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Inside Sim Racing – Darin and Jason have an in depth look at Assetto Corsa Build 0.7.1

Inside Sim Racing

Inside Sim Racing – Lets talk Assetto Corsa

Inside Sim Racing introduces new-found friend Jason Dunnington, who is co-hosting the new ISRTV  episode.  Jason talks about how he got involved in Sim Racing, and how his Sim Racing hardware changed since the early days when he started racing with the original Gran Turismo . Darin explains that Jason will become part of the show in the coming episodes.

In this episode Darin and Jason have an in-depth look at the Assetto Corsa Build 0.7.1.  Because Jason did not try Assetto Corsa before meeting Darin, this was a nice opportunity to get a first impression by someone who went straight into the latest build, without having experiences with the early versions. After sharing some info about the PC Systems used and the choice of controllers the ISR team used for this little test session, Jason has a race against the AI competition in the Lotus Exos T125 on the Nurburgring. (Keep in mind the AI logic is in very early development)  Darin has a look at the Time Attack mode in the Assetto Corsa early Access version. When this did not work out as expected, Darin points out that the Radiator Springs RSR Live Timing 2.0 and Rivali Apps for Assetto Corsa are great as a substitute.  

The Assetto Corsa  Early Access Beta can be purchased for 34,95€ on Steam –

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