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Inside Sim Racing – Forza Motorsport 5 vs Gran Turismo 6.

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Darin Gangi of Inside Sim Racing  shares his view on Driving Simulator comparison videos. Has has decided it was time do things slightly different. Darin puts Forza Motorsport 5 and Gran Turismo 6 head to head in a test with the 2013 SRT Viper on the Australian Bathurst (Mount Panorama), track. In this comparison Darin will utilize a rating system based on 17 points, trying to find out if one will score higher then the other.  Lets keep in mind that the Xbox One is a more powerful new gen console, and should have more CPU headroom to apply more detailed physics. So in this battle its amazing to see the PlayStation putting out fairly similar quality in terms of visuals.

Its also safe to say that the controller hardware used for driving simulator games has an influence on the feel and accuracy of the products. So keep in mind that in this comparison different controllers are used. The somewhat older Thrustmaster T500 wheel is used on the PlayStation 3, while on the XBox One, the brand new Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Racing Wheel is the weapon of choice.


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