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Inside Sim Racing – This Week Inside Sim Racing June 23rd Edition.



Inside Sim Racing – PC Button and LED box by Layne Sim Products. presents the June 23rd edition of This Week Inside Sim Racing.

On this show Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole host several topics. We start off by giving more details and prizes for the 120 Minutes of Thunder Race coming up on June 30th.
We also talk about our latest poll that was conducted to find out how out viewers sim race.

Then Jessica has an interview that was from E3 2012 at the Playseat booth. She interviews Justin King of Playseat and also tries out 2 of their newest rigs.
We also show the finalist of the Tamiya Simrig of the Week contest were we feature 5 of the greatest simrigs ever built. In addition to that John Hill is back for a new version of Rear View Mirror.

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