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Inside Sim Racing – Xlerator XL-20 Wheel Stand Review

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Inside Sim Racing  takes a look at the new and improved XLerator XL-20 wheel stand. This might be a great tool for Sim Racing enthusiasts who do not have the room to install a sim racing rig or computer desk. A common scenario for console racers or video game racing fans who use a wheel occasionally in the living room. I have seen people use various creative solutions to fit a wheel in front of a computer screen or television, but non proved very comfortable. A compact portable wheel stand for use with an office chair might just be the solution. 

The Xlerator  XL-20 Wheel Stand is the small brother of the XL-21 Big Boy version that is two inches wider.  Its a metal stand that will bring you some of the benefits of a racing chassis, while it still is  easy to store. The unit is designed for wheels that clamp to a table. There are also optional parts available to accommodate G27 and or Fanatec shifters.  

The Xlerator XL-20Wheel Stand integrates your steering wheel and pedals in one solid and stable frame.  The steering wheel is clamped to a U-shaped bar that rests on your own chair of choice. ( keep in mind that the seat will have to be wide enough to accommodate the legs.) This way it even helps to stabilize your chair, and keep it from moving around. This is specially handy for people using a desk chair fitted with wheels.The pedals are fitted to a sturdy bottom plate that is connected to the main frame. The height of the frame can be adjusted by altering the telescoping three positions slider, making it suitable for smaller or bigger body sizes. The angle of the pedals can be adjusted to suit your taste, and to make sure you sit in a comfortable position.

Xlerator Wheel Stands and adapters are only sold on Amazon and eBay/Paypal for $179.99 or €130,50 including free shipping in the US.  Check out the official Xlerator website.

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