Inside SimRacing – This Week Inside Sim Racing week of April 28th. [Video]



This Week Inside Sim Racing week of April 28th. present This Week Inside SimRacing for the Week of April 28th.

In this episode we cover the new build by iRacing which features a ton of updates as well as a new car and track. We also cover the beginning of racing season by looking at the Touring Pro Series.

This weeks show also includes a new Simrig of the Week that is enough to make any sim racer jealous. John Hill is back with a new installment of Rear View Mirror. And then to top things off we have a review of Dashmeter Pro for iRacing, a new display that uses an android phone.

In addition we also take a 2nd look at the VRC1000 simrig and some improvements that they have made to it. We also have a contest this week giving away some DLC for Gran Turismo 5

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