Introducing CarX 2.0 Driving Simulator. [Unity Physics Engine] Videos.

Introducing CarX 2.0 Driving Simulator.

Sometimes dreams became the reality…
And now any team can create an outstanding driving simulator using CarX 2.0.

Welcome to CarX 2.0!

CarX 2.0 – is a high class car physics engine.

A little history:

CarX 1.0 was published in 2008.
Since then, much was changed…

  • We have attracted professional racing drivers into development process, and took into account all their wishes.
  • We used real cars to reconcile the behavior of vehicles in the CarX with real life
  • Also we engaged hardcore sim players, who have studied all the existing driving games since 1995.
  • Many of them regularly practice extreme driving in real life.
  • We have invested so much effort into the project and our energy
  • to make each user feel inexpressible drive and adrenaline playing projects that use CarX.
  • These feelings are similar as inspiration a driver, who came to ride on the racetrack.

Read about our innovations now:

  • We finally made the simulation of turbo boost on the engine!
  • Now you can hear the sound of the turbine and to feel how the turbo works.
  • Now, the inertia of the car body is calculated so precisely that it is almost the same as the real car inertia.
  • Improved calculation of tires.
  • Now CarX simulates visual deformation of tires
  • You may change the size of tires and feel it.
  • comfortable handling using any devices (kyeys, mouse, Logitech G25 wheel e.t.c)
  • feedback is taken into account right from the contact patches of tires and exceeds all expectations
  • You have ability to set the tire pressure
  • Now CarX simulating starter!
  • Different types of suspensions.
  • Now CarX models trucks with a large number of wheels and up to 25 gears.
  • CarX is available now on PC and Mac platforms, mobile platforms.
  • CarX is available now for Unity3D engine (PC, MAC, Web, IOS, Android, Xbox360, PS3, Wii, Flash)

You may not believe how much fun is it? See CarX 2.0 in action!

[EXPAND Read the full Feature list!]

CarX engine has large feature set.

  • Using CarX you can minimize project budget and developing time.
  • Cross – platform code:
  • C++ code for PC, Mac

C# code for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, WEB applications, IPhone, IPad, Android (with Unity3D engine)

Multiple car simulation:

  • up to 30 cars running on 100 frames per second!
  • Simple mode for simulating traffic (up to 200 cars simultaneously)
  • Variable gravity and coordinate system:
  • Right and Left-handed coordinate system
  • Variable gravity
  • Different surfaces:
  • asphalt
  • snow
  • ice
  • sand
  • grass
  • earth
  • Handling:
  • key steering assistance
  • braking assistance
  • support of traction control

Tyre parameters:

  • Flexible tires simulation
  • Tires types: sport, racing, drag, all season, snow
  • Tires customizing: radius, width, profile height, disk diameter
  • Suspension parameters:

Shock absorbers

  • Stabilizers
  • Springs
  • Toe angle
  • Caster angle
  • Camber angle
  • Ackerman effect
  • Suspension types: McPherson, double wishbone, dependent

Transmission parameters:

  • Number of gears (1-25)
  • Gear ratios (all gears + final drive ratio)
  • Gear types: FWD, RWD, 4WD
  • Differential locking ratio
  • True clutch simulation
  • True starter simulation

Braking balance:

  • Front and rear torque distribution
  • ABS simulation
  • Weight balance, Aerodynamics:
  • Front/Rear,Top/Bottom,Left/Right weight distribution
  • Car body mass, wheel mass
  • Car body inertia, wheel inertia
  • Front/Rear aero down force
  • Air resistance simulation
  • Engine parameters:
  • Engine torque curve
  • True clutch simulation
  • True starter simulatio

But if you do not go into technical details,and compare CarX with other simulators in feelng car. Download the demo version on our website and try CarX by yourself!

Download the demo version of CarX 2.0 TEST-DRIVE for FREE!

In CarX demo you can try different cars, insane physics and nice car handling.

Car physics engine CarX can be easily integrated into your software, no matter what physics engine you have – self made engine or licensed middleware.