iOpener alive and kicking.




iOpener alive and kicking.

Fabio Gallo posted a little thanks message to their iOpener Facebook and twitter page. Explaining that the company has undergone major changes in ownership, governance and management,, but is very well alive and kicking, and they are now working hard to get the technology out there.

Fabio Gallo Quote:

Thanks to everyone who stayed tuned during a long hiatus.

Our company has undergone major changes in ownership, governance and management, but it is still very much alive and kicking.

The iOpener Enabled technology is working exactly as intended.
We can acquire real-time data from racing cars and inject it into simulation racing games, and the results are as accurate and exciting as you would like them to be.

As the new CEO I am committed to making sure that our technology is brought to the market and can be enjoyed by avid sim racing gamers worldwide.

This will happen through a variety of tools and partners, which may include the Real-Time Racing game and portal, but certainly not be limited to it.

You can rest assured that new and visible iOpener Enabled events will take place in the very near future.

Thanks again for your interest and your patience.

I am sure both will be rewarded by exciting news going forward.

Best regards

Fabio Gallo
iOpener Media