iRacing – 2021 Season 4 Patch 2 Hotfix 1 Deployed

iRacing - 2021 Season 4 Patch 1 Deployed
iRacing screenshot by Nick Neben.

iRacing has deployed the 2021 Season 4 Patch 1 Hotfix 1 for its online racing platform.

As usual, the patch contains a healthy number of fixes and improvements for various parts of the simulation. Check out the changelog below, for all the details.

Credit: Featured iRacing screenshot by Nick Neben.

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iRacing UI:


  • After completing a Race, if your Safety Rating did not change, a “± 0” will be displayed on the Results screen.

AI Opponent Rosters

  • Fixed a bug where custom specular maps could not be deleted from AI Opponents.


Dirt Oval Racing

  • All Dirt Oval Racing vehicles will now never be served meatballs.
  • – – These vehicles will never receive a meatball flag for sustaining excessive damage while at any track. This change does not make these vehicles immune to damage – they all will still sustain damage as usual. However, a driver can now decide if and when to end their race due to damage.
  • – – This change affects the following vehicles:
  • – – – – Dirt Late Model (ALL)
  • – – – – Dirt Legends Ford ’34 Coupe
  • – – – – Dirt Midget
  • – – – – Dirt Modified (ALL)
  • – – – – Dirt Sprint Car (ALL)
  • – – – – Dirt Sprint Car Non-Winged (ALL)
  • – – – – Dirt Street Stock
  • – – – – Dirt UMP Modified


  • The Track Surface Decal (TSD) rendering system has been optimized to greatly reduce the number of DX11 drawPrim() calls required to render scenes. This optimization reduces DX11 CPU-side bottlenecks at every track, some more than others. Depending on the PC hardware and rendering options, it may improve frame rate by as much as 25%. It helps most at road courses, such as Hungaroring Circuit, Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, and many others. 
  • Fixed an issue where rubber could appear to be laid down heavily on grass.


Lotus 79

  • iRacing setups have been updated.

NASCAR Next Gen Class Cars

  • iRacing setups have been updated.

Street Stock

  • Ended an experiment where steering wheels for opponent cars were temporarily relocated to the exterior roof of their cars. This experiment did not pan out; driving with the wheel in this new location proved problematic.


Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

  • Righted a janky yellow cone.