iRacing 2022 Season 4 Patch 2 Deployed

iRacing 2022 Season 4 Patch 2 Deployed
iRacing screenshot by Ludovic Ziakin

iRacing released 2022 Season 4 Patch 2 for its racing simulation platform, further improving the 2022 Season 4 build release. As usual, the patch contains a healthy list of fixes and improvements for various aspects of the racing simulator.

Credit: Featured iRacing screenshot by Ludovic Ziakin.

Changelog 2022 Season 4 Patch 2


Race Control

  • At small tracks with very slow pace speeds the calculated green flag zone has been extended further back from the Start/Finish Line, leaving more time for race systems to calculate correctly.
  • – – This reduces the likelihood of triggering issues that could arise when the calculated green flag zone was only immediately adjacent to the Start/Finish Line, meaning that sometimes on restarts the leader could have crossed the S/F Line prior to the green flag, which could cause problems with the scoring of laps, especially with the “Do Not Count Caution Laps” option enabled.

AI Racing

  • Fixed an issue with AI aggression where sudden and large steering inputs could occur when two or more AI Drivers were side-by-side on Road Courses.
  • Fixed an error with some AI Drivers’ ability to estimate fuel consumption.


  • For the Low-Frequency Effects system, fixed an issue that could cause the full engine explosion LFE effect to trigger when any car engine exploded, not just the player.


  • Fixed an issue where the auto pit speed limiter was not disabling correctly during parade laps.
  • The auto pit speed limiter is now considered active during Test Sessions.


  • A new Mark Mode has been enabled that turns the camera into a measurement device.
  • – – Position the camera at the start of your measurement, hit Mark, and move to the end of your measurement and read out the X/Y/Z or direct distance (D) the camera moved.

Sporting Code

  • Several updates have been completed to the Official iRacing Sporting Code, including:
  • – – Information about TTRating has been added.
  • – – Language has been added informing users that they need to be prepared to submit evidence with every protest.
  • – – Adjusted information location and details about “Tanking” behavior for clarity.


<Car Class> Touring Cars

  • Brake bias adjustment range has been updated.
  • iRacing setups have been updated.

Audi 90 GTO

  • Fixed an issue with a duplicate car number on the hood for paint pattern #1.

Ford GTE

  • Fixed an issue where some headlight bulbs could go missing.

Honda Civic Type R

  • The units used to measure oil pressure on the dashboard have been updated from decibar to bar.

Lotus 79

  • iRacing setups have been updated.

Porsche Mission R

  • Brake Bias is now adjustable in the garage to the same degree in which it is adjustable in-car.

Skip Barber Formula 2000

  • For the New Damage Model, yield and break limits have been reduced for wheels and some body panels.
  • For the New Damage Model, tire tread and sidewall properties have been independently updated.


Bristol Motor Speedway

  • Fixed an issue where cars in position 24 at this track can sometimes get black-flagged for entering closed pits when leaving the pits for parade laps.

Circuit Park Zandvoort

  • Fixed a bad pit-out merge checkpoint.

Daytona International Speedway

  • (2008 Configs) – Fixed an issue with some terrain pieces poking through environment objects.

Lucas Oil Speedway

  • Patched a seam in the pitlane.

Road Atlanta

  • Patched a seam in the grass near the short course exit.
  • Removed some snagging monsters from gravel traps.

Rudskogen Motorsenter

  • Functionality has been added to the caution lights.

Sonoma Raceway

  • Removed a landmine from the apex of Turn 4.