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iRacing – Are you the iRacing Stig? [Time Trial Event]



Are YOU the iRacing Stig?

Brought to you by, Viper Technologies, LLC, and Derek Speares Designs.

Here it is! Mark your calendar! Another little contest to find iRacing’s most dynamic and versatile racer. Last time Kenneth OKeefe barely edged out David Osborne to claim the title of the first iRacing Stig. It was a fierce competition that saw Silver Crowns at VIR, Ford GT’s at South Boston, and Lotus 79’s lapping the infield of Iowa Speedway!

Time to do it again! I’m going to create another series of challenge time trials, using any car and any track in the iRacing service, and whoever can consistently finish at the top of the charts the most will win a $100 iRacing Gift Certificate.


The rules are simple…

1 – Any car in the iRacing service can be used
2 – Any track and configuration can be used
3 – All the setups will be fixed (usually iRacing default unless crazyness)
4 – No car/track announcements will be made prior to session opening (no practice ahead of time)
5 – Best incident free lap will count towards leaderboard scoring
6 – Session’s fastest driver wins 1000 points, then points are awarded on a percentage basis (see below)
7 – Twelve sessions total… only the BEST 4 will count (tie-breaker rules TBD)

To make it really interesting, I’m going to use a random generator to come up with the car/track combo. This means really anything is possible. Remember, you will be running these cars with (in most cases) the default iRacing setup. Oval cars will not turn very well on road courses (unless there is a road setup), most cars will have full fuel, etc. I don’t care how bad it drives, it’s the same for everyone and Stiggy just gets in and drives the thing…


The session times are planned in advance, but these might change in response to the build deployment. Servers will be setup for 2 hours each and are first come, first serve. First session kicks off on Sunday April 29th at 00:00 UTC. Then, sessions will continue to kick off every two hours (on the even hours) for 24 hours resulting in 12 potential opportunities to turn a lap. All sessions will be practice only, so you can go out and turn as many laps as you wish. Each time the track/car combo will be randomized and changed completely, and no one will know what it is until it opens.

Time zone converter… (from Martin Kawa) –


Points are awarded on a percentage system. This means if the fastest driver has a 60 second lap, and the second place driver has a 62 second lap, then the second place driver will score 967 points (60/62×1000). Finish 1st in 4 sessions, and you score the maximum 4000 point total, and enter the tie-breaker scoring. Tie-breaker scoring will be announced when I figure out what it’s gonna be. 


Now for the prizes…

1st place – $100 iRacing gift card thanks to (
2nd place – $50 iRacing gift card thanks to Viper Technologies, LLC (
3rd place – $25 iRacing gift card thanks to Derek Speares Designs (

Also, anyone who competes in at least 4 rounds of the event will be entered to win a $25 iRacing Gift Card. The winner will be determined from a random drawing after the event.


So, are you in?

To register for the event, just enter one of the servers on April 29th. That’s it. 

If you have any questions, just let me know!

See you there!

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