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iRacing Basic Training: The Rookie Series – Chap. 4

In chapter 4 of the iRacing¬†“Basic Training Series”. ¬†In this episode our host has a look at a few more topics are that are important¬†before you enter your first official race. The meaning of Safety and iRating,¬† and how they are important¬†for your future iRacing¬†career are explained ¬†in detail. The main goal of most rookie racers is to advance to a higher licence as soon as possible. This can not be done by winning races, but by finishing them without little or no incidents.

Always understand that you are driving in the rookie series. This means that there will be a combination of ¬†unexperienced drivers and more advanced members in a race. This could lead to some dangerous situations regarding your safety rating.When following the tips in this video it is possible to advance to a higher licence in just a matter of a few races. ¬†As with all things that concern skill, practise is still the key. After watching this episode, you will feel a little more prepared for your first race, and will be less frustrated when things don’t turn out as expected.


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